Get Merchant Services For Credit Card Processing

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Get Merchant Services For Credit Card Processing

Beitragvon cramerjohn004 » Mi Sep 28, 2022 6:51 pm

As I've written many times before, it is crucial that you have any proposal made to you, explained in detail so that you fully understand all that is being promised. Sometimes, when someone has given you one of those "huge savings" proposals and you are still in the midst of a contract, you can use that with your current provider to negotiate a better rate with them. Simply call Customer Service and tell them you've received a quote for better rates and ask them what they can do for you to encourage you to stay. Don't tell them the numbers that you've gotten but just tell them that you have been offered what appears to be a "much better deal" and you wanted to give them the opportunity to sharpen their pencils or you may entertain going elsewhere. It's just a thought to consider especially if the service you're currently receiving, is up to your requirements.

One last thing while we're on the topic of Early Termination Fees. There are still some contracts out there that I have experienced that say something to the effect of "Early termination fees start a payment processing company can be $295 or projected loss of revenue, for the balance of the contract, whichever is greater" So, let's just say that the credit card processor has calculated that they were going to be making $50 a month on your account and you had eighteen months to that math. Now, that one could really sting so, once again, make sure you know what you're getting into. And, definitely get out your existing agreement, read the fine print and get fully acquainted with what your currently obligated to.
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