Reveal the life of Lao people Severe shortage of oil, unable

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Reveal the life of Lao people Severe shortage of oil, unable

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Laos still face a gasoline shortage situation. Noticeทดลองเล่นสล็อตthat we still have to wait in long lines for hours to fill up with little or no gas.

On May 24, 2022, Radio News Asia reported that oil prices have skyrocketed worldwide. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, oil markets have shaken and global supply has been churning. website. It states that the price of gasoline in Laos on May 16, 2022 is at 57 baht per liter.

Lao people work hard to get gas to fill their cars. A motorcycle owner in Vientiane said there was no gas at any gas station. The government warned against hoarding oil. But people who ride motorcycles get a quota of 1.5 liters at a time, not enough to fill the tank. But if you don't refuel, you won't be able to go to work and your boss will blame.

A government official in Champasak province said most of the pumps in the province were open only one hour a day. if not filling in time would not have refueled again that day and admit it was a serious crisis.

The nationwide oil shortage problem affects every sector of the economy and almost every aspect of life.

Farmers in Oudomxay say they can't plow as often as they want because they don't have oil. The farmer had to leave the house early in the morning. Walk about 2-5 kilometers in the rice fields and there is no gas to fill the tractor. All you can do is wait for the oil to fill up.

northern part Many transport companies have to leave the car parked. One car owner said it wasn't worth running because there were few passengers.

while villagers in Savannakhet province said Without oil, you can't go anywhere. must stay home alone

Another said the pregnant neighbor likely had to deliver at home because her husband didn't have enough fuel to drive to the doctor. But the car still had some gas, so I thought I'd take her to the hospital.

The principal of a secondary school in Bolikhamxay province said it was more difficult for students to come to school for final exams because many of them had to ride motorcycles to school. Some children are 5-8 kilometers away from the school. On days without gas, they don't come to school. Teachers who live far from school Some days, I don't come to teach or I'm late because I don't have gas or I may be queuing for gas.

Posisoy Kutilad, director of the Department of Industry and Trade, Savannakhet Province, said the foreign exchange problem of Lao PDR is the main cause of gasoline shortages. because the exchange rate is rising every day Especially the US dollar when the fuel importer doesn't have the US dollar. As a result, the pump has no oil.

Asia News The network reported that the kip was down 6 percent against the US dollar. Between January 4 and April 8, the Bank of Laos said that since February this year, the kip depreciated against the US dollar and the baht.
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