Amorphous Soft Magnetic Core for the Stator of the High-Spee

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Amorphous Soft Magnetic Core for the Stator of the High-Spee

Beitragvon upamfva » Mi Jul 27, 2022 5:01 am

Amorphous Soft Magnetic Core for the Stator of the High-Speed PMBLDC Motor with Half-Open Slots

Several papers have appeared in recent years on the application of the amorphous soft magnetic materials in the stators of the electric motors. In our previous work, we demonstrated that the replacement of a slotless stator from the FeSi electrical steel with the stator from an amorphous alloy Metglas 2605 SA1 in a high-speed permanent magnet brushless direct current (PMBLDC) motor resulted in a substantial decrease of power losses in this stator, even by three times at the rotary frequency of 70 000 r/min.Get more news about Amorphous Stators,you can vist our website!
This paper was concentrated on the development of the cores for stators with half-open slots, which are technologically more difficult to produce than the slotless cores. The cores were made by cutting out suitable amount of 25μm -thick rings from the FeSiB amorphous ribbon by a laser technique, followed by stacking up the rings and their consolidation, and suitable heat treatment of the compressed stacks. Next, the measurements of the magnetic properties of the sample cores with half-open slots were made using the Remacomp C-1200 hysteresisgraph and the Lakeshore 450 Gaussmeter. Based on the results of measurements, the sample cores of different heights (17.5 and 10 mm) were selected for application in a stator of the prototype high-speed PMBLDC motor, 800 W in rated power and with a maximum rotary speed of 60 000 r/min. The preliminary performance tests with this prototype motor showed that after 1 h of uninterrupted operation, the temperature of a motor housing did not exceed 60 °C. It was also found that the operating efficiency of the PMBLDC motor incorporating a stator with half-open slots, made from an amorphous material, was almost 90% over a wide range of torques (from 40 to 140 mN · m).
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