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Company Keychain Manufacturer

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Company Keychain Manufacturer

As a keychain maker and manufacturer, we make custom-made keychains personalized in any shape, size, or color. There are three easy steps to getting started. Step one is to send us your ideas and sketch. Step two is to decide on the, quantity, and size. The last step is to sit back and have us produce and ship them to you. Get more news about Metal Key Ring,you can vist our website!

Most of our custom logo keychains are manufactured using a die that's struck into bronze. Using a high-pressure die, they are struck into a bronze plate. This creates areas that are both raised and recessed. After plating, the raised areas are hand polished to give it a smooth, reflective finish. On the other hand, the recessed areas are sandblasted or treated with an antiquing solution. This final step brings a true definition to your image.

When it comes to making a customized keychain, you are limited only by your imagination. Bring your logo, to life in a variety of colors, dimensions, and styles in a few fun, easy steps.

Customized keyrings are great promotional items for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. They are a fun and functional approach to marketing yourself or commemorating an event. Making custom keychains from metal with your artwork provides an opportunity to connect and engage with all of your customers, clients, and community members alike.We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality promotional items, and keyrings are no exception. Using vibrant colors, brilliant finishes, and durable plating in gold, silver, copper, and true black varieties, our products are a far cry from souvenir shop paraphernalia you're accustomed to seeing hanging from people's keyrings today.

We are dedicated to making sure your customized keyrings are made to perfection, which is why we created this guide to help explain the difference between all of our popular choice and the value you'll receive when ordering for the first time.Send us your artwork and we will make a free art proof to show you how it will look. We can make two-sided images and we have stock textures we can add to the background as well as offer engraved years of service. Our promotional die-cut keychains are manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship and colorful enameling. We offer gold, silver, and copper plating as well as true black plating. Sandblasting the background allows any logo to really stand out!

Our promotional metal keychains are featured with the best quality craftsmanship and can include vivid colors. We offer gold, silver, and copper plating as well as true black plating. Sandblasting the background allows any logo to really stand out! Custom cut-outs can be added as well antique finishes

Custom keychains are a practical promo item that is used every day by nearly everybody. They can be an effective marketing tool for your business. We work hard to take your idea from concept to digital proof that you will love. We will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you're after in a prompt, efficient, and painless manner. Our customer service is top-notch and we make sure you are happy from start to finish.
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