Sea Freight Shipping from China

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Sea Freight Shipping from China

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Sea Freight Shipping from China

Sea freight shipping is the most popular shipping method for buyers when shipping from China. However, there are complex issues involved in shipping from China such as the freight related issues and the steep learning curve involved.Get more news about Sea Freight Service From China,you can vist our website!

International logistics involves planning and managing the flow of goods in a company’s supply chain from acquisition to customer purchase. Part of the process involves crossing at least an international border.

When shipping goods from China through oceanic routes, lots of factors should be considered to ensure a successful freight. The following factors determine the cost of shipment:

Size and Weight
Size and weight determine, to a very large extent, the cost of your shipment. The distance covered and the commodity also influence the shipping rates. Thus, you need to consider the accurate measurements and weight of your cargo. You also need to identify the commodity that you are shipping.

Freight Class
Freight class also impacts your shipping cost. A detailed explanation of what freight classification entails can be provided by your freight specialist. Basic freight classification guidelines for LTL shipping involve:
Dimensional weight is an important factor that influences shipping cost but can be confusing. Dimensional weight is a standard formula employed by freight shipping companies and considers the density of a shipment when determining shipping costs. Apart from gross weight, dimensional weight also determines the transportation fees.

Important Documents Used In Sea Freight From China
Bill of Lading
Bill of Lading (B/L) refers to the ticket that outlines the journey of the cargo from its origin to its destination. It’s synonymous with an airline issuing a ticket to a passenger. The bill of lading is issued by a carrier to a shipper and outlines the method and path of a shipment (irrespective of the path). It acts as a contract for the shipment of goods with the terms of the contract outlined on the back of the bill. It also functions as the receipt for the cargo and as proof of ownership of the goods being shipped.
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