Commercial access control overview

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Commercial access control overview

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Commercial access control overview

Before getting into how a commercial door entry system works and choosing commercial door locks for your space, it’s important to look at why commercial access control systems are so important. When it comes to commercial security, access control systems are vital to determining who can get inside the building and when, but the technology is continually evolving to improve asset protection and mitigate security risks. Today, commercial door access control systems come equipped with more than just a lock and key. In addition to keeping doors secure, today’s top commercial access control systems also track who’s coming and going, which doors are being unlocked, and offer advanced security features including remote access, touchless entry for commercial doors, and native occupancy tracking. The capabilities of a commercial door access control system, however, also depends on the type of commercial door locks installed in the building.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.
Even the most advanced commercial door lock systems still require two basic components that you’re probably very familiar with: a lock and a key. An essential part of any office door security system, commercial door locks are a trusted method of access control for any size business. But how those business door locks work makes all the difference when it comes to building security. When comparing a more traditional commercial door lock system to newer models like a commercial smart door lock or commercial keyless door locks, it’s important to understand the basics of the technology, and know what the benefits and disadvantages are before depending on them as your main security system for office door and building access control.
What is a commercial door lock?
A commercial door lock system may look similar to the locks you see in a home or apartment building, but the strength and functionality is what sets business door locks apart. Before getting into how these locks work in a commercial security system, you have to first differentiate between which ones are rated for the heavy use and protection needed in an office or commercial setting. There are three grades for commercial door locks:

Grade 3 locks are standard issue locks, commonly used inside homes or for interior office doors. While Grade 3 commercial door locks are available, they are not recommended for use on exterior doors, or for spaces that need high security commercial door locks.

Grade 2 commercial door locks are used in areas that have more traffic and need better security, like an office building or lobby area. They are more durable than Grade 3 locking mechanisms, which make them a common option for commercial spaces.

Grade 1 is the strongest of the commercial door lock types, and gives the best security with the longest lifespan. Often used in high-security areas such as hospitals, schools, and museums. Grade 1 commercial door locks stand up to heavy use, are made with durable materials, and are harder to breach.

A commercial door lock system grade is determined by looking at the durability of the components such as the commercial door strike plate, lock cylinder, deadbolts or latches, plus the handles, levers, buttons, or knobs. The grade is also measured by the strength of the locking mechanisms, and how well the system holds up over time. It’s important to note that different types of buildings and areas have specific compliance requirements for commercial security door locks and business smart locks. Ask a professional office smart lock installer to ensure the locks you want comply with local regulations.
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